Exclusive selection of the Saint Bernard
Vittorio Fabbrini
Via San Tommaso 1101/A
40060 Villa Fontana di Medicina (Bologna) Italy
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Helma In Si Minore e Vittorio Fabbrini    

In 1988 my parents made me a present and gave me a Saint Bernard dog who had been sired by World Champion Nelson vom Bismarkturm. My dog's name was Ori vom Baronenschloss and four years later he became Italian Beauty Champion. In 1992 he became Italian Champion. However, it was only when some bitches of his blood lineage were imported into Italy and I purchased probably the most typical of them - Elena vom Baronenschloss, born out of Quira vom Bismarckturm - that I decided to start the "In Si Minore" kennel.

Since then, we have been making efforts to keep the type of our dogs unaltered, while improving their morphology, functionality and health by introducing several European and North American blood lineages into our selection programme.

This is why we import stud dogs who are internationally reknown and used with very good reproductive performance or we even endure long journeys to mate our bitches. For reproduction we use only few dogs whom we select very carefully and rigorously: e.g. all of them must be show dogs and absolutely X-rayed for HD and ED.

We know that Saint Bernards are working dogs and that often "beauty" is taken to mean utility. However, we believe that the correct balance between the regions of the head, neck, body and limbs can lead to the harmonic and artistic beauty which is typical of great champion dogs.
This is the objective we are striving for.